• Altocumulus

    Cloud compute platform for ROE projects.

    Named after a mid-level cloud formation

    The aim is to provide a service enabling users to provision new virtual machines quickly and easily from a web based user interface....


    Local project for tracking and developing CoSADIE-related content

  • Jenkins

    Basic information on the deployment and administration of a Jenkins server for WFAU code testing and development. For more detailed information on the Jenkins server and how it is setup please refer to the wiki for this project.

  • Redmine Testing

    This is a sandbox project for testing plugins and other Redmine things.

  • Twankey

    WFAU's potential use of the various HEALPix-based standards emanating from CDS. Not to be confused with Aladin.

  • WFAU 2.0

    Overall project to manage enhancements and updates to access methods and interfaces to WFAU Archives.

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